Back in January 2012 the founders and the directors of the company celebrated 30 years of operation.

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Construction, Excavation & Demolition


We aim to respond to all enquiries within the next 24-48 hours. Enquires received after 6:00pm will be answered in the next working day.

*Mandatory fields

planning and Assurance...

All work undertaken by A & E Mintoff will be carried out in accordance with the agreed programme of work, operations and demolition techniques. 

During every project, A & E Mintoff operates a continued monitoring and progress evaluation alongside applied performance indicators.

Planning is a complex process that must be constantly updated with the work taking place in the field. However, in the ebb and flow of events during work there are usually a number of schedule changes that arise as a result of unforeseen events. Failure to keep the work plan up-to-date can create confusion and delays. 

Communication with the client is paramount and regular meetings are held to ensure effective service delivery and client satisfaction.

Finally, the actual construction, excavation & demolition activities are closely monitored to ensure that the plans and specifications are met or exceeded throughout the whole process.